Safari on a budget

There are few travel experiences in the world that can match the wonder of a good safari. In my humble opinion, mind you. The only issue: the price of such an experience. Try booking a safari holiday in Botswana, Zambia or Tanzania without spending more than 12.000 euros. Luckily there are solutions for this problem and one of those solutions is called Udawalawe. 

What? Yes, Udawalawe, the national park in Sri Lanka. The entrance fee is only 15 USD and if you share a 4WD with other tourists it’s only 15-20 USD more for a half day tour of the park. The experience is not as impressive as an African wildlife tour, but there are some advantages (besides the price) to Udawalawe: the relatively small park has about 600 elephants, making it very easy (much easier compared to most parts of Africa) to spot them. There are also plenty of crocodiles, water buffalos, deer and exotic birds to be viewed and admired. Let me show you: